2017/18 Team Challenge

The Team Challenge allows North American Nordic Ski Teams and Clubs to compete against one another in a season long competition for an awesome prize. We're not 100% sure what that prize will be yet (last year it was a SkiErg from Concept2), but we know it will be awesome. Your team or club is going to want to win it, so create your official league and get all of your teammates to play so your team can score the most points every weekend!

This competition is limited to North American clubs and teams only.

Create your league here.

Up-to-date results for the Team Challenge are here.

Here’s how it works:

You create an “official” league for your club or team by selecting the checkbox when creating your league.

Any level of team/club may participate, be it middle school, high school, elite, masters, college, community, or some mix of all of these.

If you did not select the checkbox but want your league to be in the competition, just email fantasy@noahhoffman.com and we'll get you squared away.

You can tell if a club is verified if a white checkmark on a blue background shows up next to its name in the list of leagues.

Limit one competing league per club or team. Please try to coordinate with your teammates so only one league from each club or team is entered in the Team Challenge.

Please use you team or club’s official and recognizable name when creating your official league.

We'll try our best to make sure participating clubs and teams are legitimate; if we erroneously remove your league from the competition, please email fantasy@noahhoffman.com.

Once your official league is created, it will act like every other league. You will still see your ranking and score against the other fantasy teams in your league. However, we will also be scoring your league against other official leagues to create our team standings.

We will calculate your league’s score by adding together the sum of the top four fantasy teams in your official league for each event. The top four teams for any given event may not be the same as the top four players in your overall league standings, as we are not taking the season-long total from each fantasy team, but the highest four scores from each event. Therefore, your league’s total will probably be greater than the sum of your top four fantasy teams.

The more of your teammates that you get to play fantasy and be a part of your official league, the better chance your league has of winning.

Your team will earn points for every World Cup event PLUS the World Championships.

If a fantasy team joins your official league mid-season, their points will not be retroactively awarded; if they leave, their points will not be retroactively removed.