Score the most points.

Team Selection

One account is allowed per participant.

Congratulations, you have $100,000 fantasy dollars! You may use this money to buy athletes for your fantasy team. You may not select more than 8 athletes of each gender for your team.

Each athlete’s cost will change throughout the season. If an athlete’s value increases while he or she is on your team, you may keep the athlete on your team without paying the new higher price. However, when you sell an athlete, you will only receive the fantasy dollars which you paid for the athlete, not the athlete’s current price. If you choose to repurchase the athlete, you will have to pay the new price. If an athlete’s value drops, you may sell the athlete for your purchase price and rebuy the athlete for the new lower price. In this way, it is impossible to ever have more than $100,000 fantasy dollars, but the value of the athletes on your team may at times exceed $100,000.

Team slection closes the evening before each weekend (at 11:59pm EST), and before each race of the Olympics.

A mildly detailed calendar of when team selection opens & closes is included on the events page. FIS's season calendar can be found here.

Not all athletes will compete in all races even in a given weekend-- choose wisely! It is up to you to select athletes that will be competing.


Prize details coming soon

If there is a tie in a prize competition, the prize receiver will be selected at random from the winners.


In layman's terms, the top 15 skiers in each race score the best points. Points are awarded down to 30th place. 1st scores 100 points, 2nd 80 points, 3rd 60 points... 10th 26 points, 15th 16 points, 20th 11 points, 30th 1 point.

The full scoring rules are outlined below: